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We are all about horses and animals

If you love horses then you have come to the right place.Meet Frankie she is one of our newest arrivals

And she is a doll and also for sale

As I said earlier we are a full service horse facility.Located in Branford,Florida.Our ranch is located on 30 acres of woods & pasture.We have a 6 stall barn with a complete tack room.We also have bunk houses which sleep four,public bathrooms & showers.Our ranch has a enclosed riding arena as well as round pens to work our horses. Our auction barn has indoor seating,bathrooms which are handicap accessible and a snack bar.The Auction barn can be rented for your next event.When we are not having auctions We are family owned and operated.Been in business since 1996 and we are a member of the better business bureau since 2001.

A Little bit of History
I have always loved horses since I was a little girl.I always spent my summers in the N. georgia Mountains on my grandfathers 200 acre farm. He actual raised farm animals and crops. He had pigs lots of them chickens cows you name it. He and my grandma had two horses.They were too big for me.So My grand pa went to Texas and bought me a red pony named Dasies.He put me on that pony and said ride that pony girl.So I have been riding ever since.

My dream since I was a child was to own a horse ranch.So when I turned 30 I lefted my house in Weston Florida a gated communityand moved to Branford,Floria.This is where Windmill began.It is no longer a gated community but it does have gates.And lots of them.They are not guarded they have welcome signs that say come on in.

When I left South Florida with my kids. My mom and dad retired from the airlines left there to. They packed there stuff and resorted to the farm life.Not long afterwards my other two sisters there children and husbands followed to.The one sister bought next to me and joined our propertys. She has Red Head Ranch.Once you vist our neck of the woods.It has a drawing affect.It is wonderful.

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